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Air Nozzles for Blow Off

Air nozzles are suitable for many air blow-off applications. Whenever a very directed air stream is required to target a specific point then an air nozzle will be a good choice.

Air nozzles come in a variety of different size and materials.

In addition to the standard air nozzles, we also offer the patent-pending Air Mag, advanced air nozzle. The presence of the exterior fins on this design of nozzle greatly enhances the entrainment of the surrounding air. This means more air is moved for any given feed air pressure resulting in a more powerful and efficient air jet.

Pressure selection and air consumption

It can often be hard to determine exactly what pressure is required to achieve successful blow off. Testing this with a standard air-line will almost certainly result in a large over estimation of the compressed air pressure required to deliver the necessary force. This is because a standard air-line hose operating at a given pressure will not entrain much of the surrounding air and the resulting air stream will be chaotic and turbulent meaning it will lose impact at a very short distance from the outlet.


Air nozzles are designed to produce very focused “spot” jets of air force. So, when an area needs blow off, consideration needs to be given to how far apart the individual nozzles will be. The data sheets will show the approximate patterns and spread of the air flows from different nozzles at various pressures and distances. This will help determine positioning. Also the distance from the target will, like as with air knives, ultimately determine the blow-off force seen by the target.

Air mag nozzles

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Air Mag Nozzle


Advanced engineered air nozzle designed to increase air entrainment and force

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Standard Air Nozzles

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Standard Air Nozzle


Nozzles for delivering high force, focused air flows

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