Energy Efficient Products

The energy efficient product range is the core of ANP’s offering. Each of the various air nozzles within this product range serv to amplify the effects of a pressurised air supply. This is achieved by focusing and shaping the air into the desired pattern and also by entraining the surrounding air to help amplify the force of air moved.

Air Knives

These long air nozzles produce an even high force air stream along their length. They come in a variety of lengths and materials.

Air Amplifiers

These air nozzles are used to produce a low impact by relatively high volume movement of air. They are shaped to entrain the surrounding air to amplify the effect of the supply air.

Air Nozzles

These nozzles are akin to spray nozzles in that they focus the air into a high impact jet. The advanced patent-pending Air Mag nozzles in this range have a unique topology that greatly enhances the entrainment of the surrounding air making them one of the most efficient air nozzles in the world.

Air Edgers

These nozzles offer the highest impact of all our range. They focus the supply air into a very narrow, fast moving, high impact sheet whilst entraining the surrounding air for an increased force.

Air Jets

These nozzles are similar to the air amplifiers but are shaped to focus the emerging air in a more coherent and directed way. They are a medium force air nozzle suitable for a wide variety of cooling, drying and air blow-off applications.

Ring Blades

These circularly shaped air nozzles are effectively a circular form of the air knives. The high force air is focused inwards towards the centre of the ring.