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Air nozzles and compressed air enhancement products for the manufacturing industry

The uses of compressed air around manufacturing plants are many and varied. Our compressed air enhancement products ensure the efficient and safe use of compressed air delivering cost savings, improved performance and better safety.

In modern manufacturing plant the use of compressed air enhancement products has many advantages over alternatives like blowers and chillers:

No moving parts or power source

Our compressed air products (be they air knives, vortex tubes or air nozzles) have no moving parts. They require no power source other than the compressed air line that feeds them. This means that they are incredibly reliable and robust pieces of kit requiring almost no maintenance.

In many factories environments, the simplicity and ultra-reliability of our products mean they are a far better choice than the alternatives. This is particularly true where the environment is wet, humid, dirty or cramped. Powered blowers, for example, operating in such conditions will require regular maintenance and may, even so, be prone to failure.

Improved efficiency

Compressed air costs money to produce. Our compressed air enhancement products allow compressed air to do more per Nm3 used. These efficiencies are generally achieved by utilising the Coanda effect which entrains the surrounding air meaning more overall air movement is achieved. With air amplifiers, for example, up to 16 times the volume of compressed air used will actually be moved by the amplifier device.

In many manufacturing operations, these efficiencies are important as margins can be tight. But, more importantly, the factory air compressor is a limited resource that is used to feed multiple critical operations. If it is overused production may slow or grind to halt so the efficient use of the available air is often a priority.

Common applications in the manufacturing sector

Application category Specific application Products
Contaminant control Air blow off (conveyor) Air knives, Air edger, Air nozzles
Dust collection Hand Vac
Spill collection Drum angel
Air blow off (spot) Air gun
Fume removal Fume extractor
Cooling Dry tool cooling Vortex tube
Parts cooling (static) Air amplifiers
Parts cooling (conveyor) Air knives, Air jets
Spot cooling Vortex tube, Air Nozzle
Cabinet cooler Vortex tube cabinet cooler
Extrusion cooling Ring blade
Drying Parts drying (conveyor) Air knife, Air edger
Extrusion drying Ring blade
Parts drying (static) Air amplifier
Air conveyors Hopper loading Ring Vac
Product moving (spot) Drum angel
Product moving (in line) Ring Vac
Static Control Air Knives

Static Control Air Knives

Aluminium Super Triple Silent X Static Control Air Knife


Triple power, low noise, aluminium, ionising air knives that produce a steady line of static controlling air.

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