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Cooling Mist Tool Cooling

A vortex tube mist cooler combines a vortex tube generated cool air stream with a mist of coolant or lubricant. The liquid is drawn into the cool air stream via a venturi system resulting in a very cold mix of liquid and air is directed where needed. This system is suitable for use in tool cooling and other spot cooling operations where lubricant or coolant is also required.

In many situations a lubricant or liquid coolant also needs to be delivered to the target area that needs cooling. Mist vortex tub coolers will do exactly this. They are powered by standard vortex tub technology and so produce very cold air streams which are direct to the target point by adjustable air hoses. In addition to the cool air, however, lubricant is injected in this air stream. Injection is achieved by the siphon effect of the air current which sucks up lubricant/coolant from a reservoir so no fluid pump is required. The rapidly moving cool air current atomises the coolant/lubricant which also helps with overall heat transfer as the surface area of the coolant is greatly increased.

Reliability and maintenance

When compared to blower systems enhanced compressed air cooling systems are very easy to maintain. Vortex tube powered coolers have no external power source or moving parts are so are equally reliable and maintenance free.

The simplicity of these systems means they can be deployed in areas that would preclude the deployment of powered blowers. In dirty, wet or humid areas of the production facility any powered equipment requires often costly protection to prevent it breaking down. This may involve water proofing or additional filtration / dust protection. Compressed air systems require none of this and so, in such environments, they are intrinsically more reliable.

Vortex Tubes and Industrial Spot Cooling

Mist Cooler


A spot cooling system combining vortex tube technology and mist cooling.

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