The Air Nozzle People

The Air Nozzle People (ANP) are the leading distributor of standard and custom-designed compressed air enhancement products solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. All customers’ orders are handled quickly and efficiently from our dedicated stock- holding facilities, and we support our entire product range with in-depth technical and application support. ANP is a  distributor for the world leading NexFlow range of products.

Our history

Our business started in 2000 as Bete Limited as a joint venture with Bete Fog Nozzle (a leading US manufacturer of spray nozzles) to start with the Bete brand was the only product we sold. Over the years we have added other nozzle brands to our offering and have expanded the territories that we represent Bete Fog Nozzle in to include France and Spain. We have also taken on new product lines such as tank cleaning systems from Dasic Marine, safety showers from FSP tech and now the compressed air enhancement range from NexFlow

As we expanded our products beyond the Bete brand it became sensible to change the trading name of our company to The Spray Nozzle People. In addition the new non-spray nozzle product ranges warranted their own trading company names so we formed The Spray People Group which consists of the following business units:


The Spray People Group

A group of specialist, product specific trading companies.


The Spray Nozzle PeopleThe Spray Nozzle People – Spray Nozzles and tank cleaning systems


The Safety Shower PeopleThe Safety Shower People – Emergency Showers and Eye Wash stations


The Professional Sprayers PeopleThe Professional Sprayers People – Manually operated spraying equipment


The Fulfilment People The Fulfilment People – Bespoke, high quality out sourced warehousing and fulfilment services


The Air Nozzle PeopleThe Air Nozzle People  – Compressed air enhancement nozzles and coolers.



Our philosophy

To offer a high quality, comprehensive product line with added value – the highest possible standard of service, technical knowledge and expertise. At ANP we are committed to maintaining our leadership role by the introduction of new products, improvement of overall efficiencies, and above all – by listening and responding to our customers’ needs.

What we sell

The Air Nozzle People sells products that are used to enhance compressed air performance. By running compressed air through our devices the impact and flow of the air can be greatly enhanced meaning up to 90% less energy can be used when compared to simply spraying air from an open air line. In addition our products will reduce noise to acceptable working levels and so have great potential health and safety benefits also.

In addition to our energy efficient enhancement range we also have a range of cooling products based on vortex tube technology. These products allow a compressed air flow to be turned into a cooling system without any external power source. This means powerful cooling can be applied in areas that would be problematic for conventional air conditioning/cooler units to be deployed.