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Cooling Air Amplifiers

Air amplifiers entrain a large volume of ambient air in a compressed air stream. Up to 17 times the volume of compressed air ejected can be entrained by air amplifiers. This results in a highly efficient way of generating large air currents with obvious applications for cooling systems.

If an area needs to be cooled then the basic principle is to rapidly replace the warm air around the area with cooler ambient air. The continual replacement of warmed air will rapidly increase cooling. The area in question might be a cooling rack for hot product or a surface in a production line.

When selecting a compressed air enhancement product for such applications the general idea is to get and even air flow over the whole area. An uneven air flow might result in localised hot spots forming and so uneven cooling. As such the products that produce broader air flows are desirable.

Air amplifiers are a good choice for static area cooling i.e. when the product or area is fixed such as a cooling rack or hot machine surface. These products produce a large volume flow of air with a fairly gentle impact, which can be desirable when, say, cooling delicate products in a cooling rack. The broad spread of the streams from these products mean an even distribution of air flow can be achieved over large areas.

Maintenance and reliability

When compared to blower systems enhanced compressed air cooling systems are very easy to maintain. Whether the system is comprised of air nozzles, air amplifiers, air jets or air knives there are no moving parts involved and no external power is required. This means that there is virtually nothing to go wrong with the blow off system. Similarly, vortex tube powered coolers have no external power source or moving parts are so are equally reliable and maintenance free.

The simplicity of these systems means they can be deployed in areas that would preclude the deployment of powered blowers. In dirty, wet or humid areas of the production facility any powered equipment requires often costly protection to prevent it breaking down. This may involve water proofing or additional filtration / dust protection. Compressed air systems require none of this and so, in such environments, they are intrinsically more reliable.

Air Amplifiers

Standard Air Amplifier


Standard, non-adjustable, air amplifier for increasing the air flow from compressed air supply.

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Air Amplifiers

Adjustable Air Amplifier


An adjustable air amplifier for increasing overall air movement from a compressed air supply.

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