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Air Jets

Air jets deliver fairly high velocity air flows that target a broader area than air nozzles but are more focused than air amplifiers. They operate on a similar principle to air amplifiers, namely, that compressed air is delivered into the nozzle and then shaped into a coherent jet through the engineered exit orifice. At the back of the nozzle the surrounding air is sucked in and entrained via the Coanda effect and this additional air greatly amplifies the force delivered.

Air Jets are useful for any applications where a higher impact is required than can be delivered by standard air amplifiers.

Common Applications Include

  • Part cleaning
  • Chip removal
  • Part drying
  • Part ejection
  • Air assist
Air jets for air blow-off

Energy Efficient Products

Air Jet


An air amplifying nozzle for greatly increasing the force delivered by a compressed air supply. Medium spread with medium to high force.

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