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Air Nozzles

Air Nozzles are designed to focus compressed air into a coherent directed jet. These nozzles produce a high impact jet for precision air direction. They come in a variety of different sizes and materials.

In addition to the standard air nozzles, we also offer the patent-pending Air Mag, advanced air nozzle. The presence of the exterior fins on this design of nozzle greatly enhances the entrainment of the surrounding air. This means more air is moved for any given feed air pressure resulting in a more powerful and efficient air jet.

There are many different applications for air nozzles. They should be used whenever a directed stream of air is required rather than a broad or wide air current.

Features / Advantages

  • Reduced compressed air cost
  • 10 dBA average noise reduction (when compared to open air line)
  • Conserve compressed air
  • Compact
  • Improved safety
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements
  • Improved production
Air mag nozzles

Energy Efficient Products

Air Mag Nozzle


Advanced engineered air nozzle designed to increase air entrainment and force

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Standard Air Nozzles

Energy Efficient Products

Standard Air Nozzle


Nozzles for delivering high force, focused air flows

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